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Comerica Bank Named Among 50 Best Companies for Latina’s to Work in the U.S.

LATINA Style Inc. has again recognized Comerica Bank as one of its top companies for providing the best career opportunities for Latinas in the country. The current LATINA Style 50 Report ranks Comerica as No. 26 for 2017, up from No. 32 in 2015.  

The annual report celebrates a 20-year history of being one of the most respected evaluations of corporate America’s career advancement opportunities for Latinas. Companies are selected based on policies and practices pertaining to the development of professional Hispanic women.

Companies respond to LATINA Style’s questionnaire and are evaluated in principle areas such as the number of Latina executives, Latina retention, mentoring programs, educational opportunities, alternative work policies, employee benefits, women’s issues, job retraining, affinity groups, and Hispanic relations. Evaluations for the 2017 annual report are based on 2016 data.

“Preparing the LATINA Style 50 Report is an exhausting process that takes intense research and study. It is our goal to provide the most accurate picture of what corporate America has to offer,” says Robert E. Bard, president and CEO, Style, Inc. “We need to be sure that the companies listed on the report are the ones that truly are the best places for Latina professionals to work.”

The annual awards ceremony honoring the LATINA Style 50 companies will take place on February 8, 2018 during the 20th Anniversary LATINA Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C.

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