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Comerica Participates in the 2016 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index

The HACR CII tracks trends in Corporate America to measure inclusion of Hispanic Americans

Comerica has participated in the 2016 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII), a research initiative conducted by the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) and the HACR Research Institute. Participation in the survey helps track trends in Corporate America to measure diversity and Hispanic inclusion at Fortune 100 companies and HACR Corporate Member companies.

The survey focuses on four areas: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy and Governance. With this vital research, HACR and other organizations will be better equipped to analyze diversity in Corporate America, and plan for future generations of Americans.

“On behalf of HACR’s Board of Directors, we congratulate Comerica for keeping Hispanic inclusion a top of mind,” said Dr. Lisette Garcia, HACR senior ­­­vice president, and COO. “By adopting Hispanic inclusiveness, companies such as Comerica are cultivating a corporate culture that promotes forward thinking which sustains their competitive edge to outpace competitors.”

  • Key findings from the 2016 HACR CII include:

• Hispanics comprise an average of nearly 15 percent of the total reported employee base for the 2016 HACR CII participants.

• On average, participants reported directing nearly two (2) percent of total procurement spend to Hispanic-owned businesses.

• Nearly all participants (96 percent) reported working with trade associations and other organizations who serve Hispanic vendors.

• Average total charitable contributions made by the 2016 HACR CII participants equaled $82 million, while average total contributions to Hispanic-led and community organizations amounted to only $8.2 million.

• Hispanics held just over seven (7) percent of board seats amongst the participating companies.

• Fewer than five (5) percent of executive officer positions were held by Hispanics.

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