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Comerica Bank Ranks Highly in 2015 American Banker/Reputation Institute Survey of Bank Reputations

Comerica Bank ranks No. 6 among customers in the latest American Banker/Reputation Institute survey of bank reputations. The 2015 ranking is 4.52 percent higher than a year ago.

“America’s most reputable banks recognize that it’s not enough to demonstrate strong financial performance,” says Brad Hecht, VP and Chief Research Officer at Reputation Institute. “The other key drivers of reputation in banking and financial services are products and services, the workplace, and the fairness, openness and transparency in the way that companies govern.”

Among customers, Comerica ranked No. 2 in Governance and Performance, No. 3 in Citizenship, and No. 5 in Products, Workforce and Innovation.

The 2015 survey of bank reputations measured U.S. consumers' perceptions of 32 major bank brands. The annual survey provides a detailed analysis of the components that formulate corporate reputations, and how each bank rates on those measures. Scores are based on the results of an online survey that was fielded in March and April of 2015.

Reputation Institute (RI) is the world’s leading consulting and advisory firm for reputation. RI enables many of the world’s leading companies to make more confident business decisions that build and protect reputation capital, analyze risk and sustainability topics, and drive competitive advantage. RI’s most prominent management tool is the RepTrak® model for analyzing the reputations of companies and institutions — best known via the Global RepTrak® 100, the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of corporate reputations, as well as Country RepTrak® and City RepTrak® studies that look at reputation across organizations within a given geography.

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