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Comerica Participates in the 2014 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index

The HACR CII tracks trends in Corporate America to measure inclusion of Hispanic Americans

Comerica has participated in the 2014 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index (HACR CII), a research initiative conducted by the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) and the HACR Research Institute. Participation in the survey helps track trends in Corporate America to measure diversity and Hispanic inclusion at Fortune 100 companies and HACR Corporate Member companies.

The 2014 HACR CII report focuses on the progress that participants have made over the last year as well as the progress that we have seen for Hispanics more generally in Corporate America. A total of 129 corporations received invitations to take part in the survey and 61 companies submitted surveys. Total participants increased for the 6th consecutive year, over 90 percent of the 2013 participants returned in 2014, and HACR welcomed 4 new corporate participants this year. These participation rates reflect Corporate America’s commitment to diversity and Hispanic inclusion.

The survey focuses on four areas: Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy and Governance. With this vital research, HACR and other organizations will be better equipped to analyze diversity in Corporate America, and plan for future generations of Americans.

Research and analysis was led by the HACR Research Institute, under the leadership of Dr. Lisette Garcia. “On behalf of HACR’s Board of Directors, we congratulate Comerica for their commitment to Hispanic inclusion,” said Dr. Lisette M. Garcia, director of the HACR Research Institute. “Forward thinking companies such as Comerica recognize the importance of using data and analytics to identify gaps which can be used to help frame strategic plans to impact change and keep up with the demands of the ever changing diverse marketplace.”

To read the full 2014 HACR CII report, please visit:

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Founded in 1986, the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is one of the most influential advocacy organizations in the nation representing 16 national Hispanic organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America at a level commensurate with our economic contributions. To that end, HACR focuses on four areas of corporate social responsibility and market reciprocity: employment, procurement, philanthropy, and governance.