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Comerica Among the 2014 '25 Best Companies to Work For if You Are a Woman'

DailyWorth announced its 2014 list of the 25 best U.S. companies for the female workforce and Comerica was ranked No. 25. Over 800 companies were analyzed and then narrowed down to 191 finalists. Mandatory requirements included $50MM in annual revenue, a minimum of two female board members and at least 20 percent women in senior management.

Points were given for a range of benefits, from paid parental leave and flextime to mentorship programs. "We believe all companies should offer these benefits, but while we're waiting, here are 25 leading the way," say DailyWorth Editor-in-Chief Brooke Siegel.

According to the digital media company, Comerica "gets distinction for some of its programs directed at female employees to insure that they thrive. Take their Menttium Mentoring program, an external practice, which Comerica hand picks up to five women a year to attend. Comerica also has an internal Leadership Development Program" to ensure more than an adequate pipeline of women leaders are ready for Comerica senior officer positions. "With a female employee retention rate of over 86 percent in an industry known for flux, clearly Comerica is doing a lot right," DailyWorth noted., Inc., ( is a digital media company dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge, support and advice they need to succeed financially and professionally. With leading experts, editorial content and e-learning courses focused on personal finance, entrepreneurship and career success, DailyWorth attracts a highly engaged audience of more than 1 million ambitious, professional women who want to make smart, informed choices about their finances and their futures.