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Comerica Named One Of America's Most JUST Companies In 2018 By Forbes And JUST Capital

DALLAS, Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Comerica was named one of America's Most JUST Companies in 2018, according to Forbes and JUST Capital, a nonprofit that ranks the largest publicly-traded corporations in the United States on the issues Americans care about most.  Comerica was included on this year's list for outperforming its peers on issues like fair pay and good benefits, customer treatment and privacy, beneficial products, environmental impact, job creation, community support in the U.S. and abroad, as well as ethical leadership and long-term financial growth.

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"We're honored to be included in this year's list of America's Most JUST Companies," said Comerica Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ralph W. Babb Jr. "At Comerica, being a just and responsible company is part of our culture and embedded in our core values." 

Among the areas identified by JUST Capital as Comerica's strengths were treatment of colleagues, paying a fair wage and progress on the company's environmental goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and waste sent to the landfill.

"Comerica's overall approach to corporate responsibility remains rooted in value creation. We acknowledge the interconnected nature of environmental, economic, social and governance performance," said Scott Beckerman, senior vice president and director of Corporate Sustainability. "We conduct business in a manner that meets the current needs of all people, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It's yet another way we raise your expectations of what a bank can be."

The JUST Capital Rankings encompass the 1,000 largest publicly-traded companies in the U.S. and are based on one of the most comprehensive surveys ever conducted on public attitudes toward corporate behavior, involving 9,000 American respondents in 2018 and more than 81,000 over the past four years. The JUST 100 and Industry Leader lists will be featured in the December issue of Forbes, with additional stories at and a comprehensive interactive ranking and benchmarking platform at

As one of America's Most JUST Companies, Comerica is also included in Goldman Sachs Asset Management's JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF – the first ever exchange-traded fund based on just business behavior, constructed from JUST Capital's rankings.

"Trust in our institutions is more important than ever right now. The JUST 100 recognizes companies that are doing right within society," said Forbes Chief Content Officer Randall Lane. "The Rankings help companies gauge their progress on benchmarks that go far beyond quarterly earnings towards long-term value-creation for all stakeholders."

Compared to their peers in the Russell 1000, companies in the JUST 100 on average:

  • Pay their median workers 26 percent more;
  • Emit 3 percent less greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of revenue;
  • Give 6 times more as much to charity; and
  • Have a 5 percent higher Return-on-Equity.

"America's Most JUST Companies consistently outperform their peers in job creation, wages, work-life balance, environmental impact, and return on equity," said Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital. "Aligning corporate behavior with the priorities of the American people is good for communities and good for business."

Learn more about Corporate Responsibility at Comerica by visiting or downloading our more recent corporate responsibility report here

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