Your corporate contacts for:

  • Interview requests for the following executives:
    • Chairman & CEO Ralph W. Babb Jr.
    • Chief Financial Officer Karen L. Parkhill
    • Chief Credit Officer Peter W. Guilfoile
    • Other senior leadership team members
  • Corporate priorities and initiatives
  • Corporate strategy
  • Financial communications

Wendy Bridges
Work Phone: 214.462.4443
Fax: 214.462.4440

Wayne Mielke
Work Phone: 214.462.4463
Fax: 214.462.6650
Cell: 586.382.0508

Your Texas, Arizona and Florida contact for:

  • Retail Banking Centers News
  • Interview requests for the following executives:
    • Peter L. Sefzik, Texas Market President
    • J. Downey Bridgwater, Houston Market President
    • Tim Klitch, Austin Market President
    • Don Hellman, Fort Worth Market President
    • Rhonda Calvert, San Antonio Market President
    • Annette Musa, Arizona Market President
    • Angela Mastrofrancesco, Florida Market President
    • Other Texas, Arizona or Florida market leadership
  • Business products and services
  • Healthcare and education finance
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
  • Volunteerism efforts, community affairs & philanthropy
  • Middle Market Banking
  • Specialty lines of business including Energy and Techology & Life Sciences
  • Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • Small Business Lending
  • Shred Day DFW, Shred Day Houston and Shred Day Phoenix
  • Other news about Comerica Bank's Texas, Arizona and Florida Markets

Kyle Tarrance (Dallas)
Work Phone: 214.462.6669
Cell:  469.396.3555

Your Michigan contact for:

  • Banking centers
  • Interviews with Mike Ritchie (Michigan Market President) and other Michigan leadership team members
  • Comerica's Arab-American Business Initiative
  • Consumer products and services
  • Small Business products and services
  • Comerica Web Banking®, Comerica Mobile Banking®
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
  • Other news about Comerica's Michigan market

Kathleen Pitton
Work Phone: 313.584.4523
Cell:  313.801.4559

Your California contact for:

  • Banking centers
  • Interviews with Judy Love (California Market President) and other California leadership team members
  • Middle Market Banking
  • Small Business & Community Banking
  • Technology & Life Sciences (U.S.)
  • Entertainment Banking (U.S.)
  • International Trade & Finance
  • Other news about Comerica Bank's California Market
  • Social media

Susan Siravo
Work Phone:  916.491.1329
Cell:  408.398.0754

Wayne Mielke
Phone: 214.462.4463
Cell: 586.382.0508